School's Out!

Well, a school of fish, that is! Here is a blast from the past - 29 years past. 

These fishy placemats appeared in Quick Quilts Magazine in 1996 and I've used these blocks in various calendars over the years. Here is the photo as it appeared in print.

Fish Placemats

I created 3 different fish patterns: Algernon the Angelfish, Thomas the Tuna, and Marvin the Mullet. Aren't they cute?

Three little fish
I upsized the patterns to 10" just to see how they would look. That pattern is available in my Etsy store. All cutting directions and templates are included, but don't panic! Those fish fins are doable using a Tri-Recs ruler (the Recs ruler cuts a perfect half-rectangle). Those fins finish to 3" x 6", so you use the 6-1/2" horizontal line on your ruler.

I made Algernon the Angel Fish in the larger size (12") in 2018. A fun way to dip into your scrap bin. (But don't think you'll make a dent!)

12" Algernon the Fish using Kaffe Fassett scraps

And one more:
12" Algernon the Fish using Kaffe Fassett scraps

Marvin the Mullet is much simpler, though I haven't remade him. I set each of the fishy blocks on point and then surrounded them with a novelty print - of fish, of course!

Go check them out. The 4 page pdf includes the 6" and 12" sizes. As a bonus, I added my tried and true lesson: How to Set Any Blocks on the Diagonal! These 12" blocks are 17" when set on point, a perfect size for placemats!


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