One More Twisted Hexagon Quilt

I taught my popular Twisted Hexagons workshop last month and decided to take a set of sample blocks and turn them into another quilt. This quilt has been in process for at least 8 years and it was just time to "get 'er done!"

Twisted Hexagons. 10" blocks; 42" x 47"

Those toile motifs in the center are from a 2008 collection by Windham Fabrics. I made several other quilts from those prints and had just enough left over to capture these 9 scenes. The fun floral border is from a Benartex collection. I'm not usually a fan of browns, but this quilt is one exception!

Let me show you what I did with these fabrics for my last book. I  captured a very large motif in the center of this quilt which I called "Toile Garden Medallion." That center is 15" in diameter!

Toile Garden Medallion: 36" x 36"

When I taught this workshop for a few years, I had a second center motif with the flying geese. I retired the workshop and then finished the quilt and donated that to my local guild for charity endeavors. The colors in this one are much brighter (and the photo was taken outside in the summer).

Toile Garden Medallion2

Isn't it fun to see how fabrics look combined with various prints? My Etsy listing (Geese with the Blues) has several other quilts made using this pattern, but I split up the center circle for ease of construction. Go take a look!

This pattern appears in my last book, "Paper Piecing Perfect Points" (which is out of print). I do sell it as an e-book on CD. If interested, click that link and it will take you to a page showing all the quilts. It is all 92 pages as it appeared in the book.


  1. Wow, those hexagons are stunning with that border print! I'm always amazed at what you've put together that I'd never think of going together, and how great it always looks. I've broadened my horizons a little, thanks to you. =) Thanks for all the pictures.


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