Butterfly Week: Day 6 and Windham Wednesdays

If it's Wednesday, many times I like to feature fabrics by Windham (Windham Wednesdays)! Today is no different. In my search for butterflies in fabric and block patterns, I realized that a new collection I shared last week (Meadow Whispers) has BUTTERFLIES on several skus. No kidding! Let's see them again.

The butterflies of Meadow Whispers

Here is the fabric collection with those lovely butterflies on the left (3 colors):

Another collection by Windham that I shared here before is Butterfly Dance. This was released in 2018. Let's see the amazing fabrics.

Butterfly Dance fabrics

Do you remember what I made with it? Well, let me remind you! This is from my Metropolitan Home Star pattern. Each of those "star" blocks is 21". The paper pieced points units are 7". I staggered the stars for more movement. This is ready for me to quilt. No more borders (because I was only working with fat quarters and when I'm done, I'm done!)

Butterfly Dance: 49" x 54"

Here's one of the blocks up close. Dragonflies in the corners. I think Dragonflies and Butterflies are cousins, right?

Butterfly Dance block from Metropolitan Home Star pattern

Day 6 means I have ONE more day to inspire you with butterflies. See you tomorrow.


  1. Still Tuesday here but your butterfly/dragonfly MHS pattern is cool.


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