Elongated Hexagons for English Paper Piecing

Sometimes I'm just not in a hurry to finish a project. Case in point: my elongated hexagons which I began almost 20 years ago! I think it's because I had no idea where I was going with them.

I cut up a variety of 1930s reproduction prints to prepare to make these little units. I played around with arrangements: strips, groups of 4 for a "wreath," just not sure where I'm going. You can see some of my confusion below!

Elongated hexagons on their way to something!
Here's a quick solution (for me) to cut and stitch the fabric for these 2" elongated hexagons.

I cut 2-1/4" x 4-1/4" strips of fabric and then stitched (on machine) 1/4" seams on the short ends as shown. Trimmed the tiny corner where the fabric will turn so that it doesn't bunch up in the points.

strips sewn
Turned right side out (with seams open and NOT pressed to one side); inserted the paper.

Ready for the paper
Easy to put the papers in; pinned. Ready to stitch.
Punched hole in center for the pin
Stitched in the corner folds. Makes this easy to remove the paper and use again.
One renegade unit with no punched hole!
These are from Paper Pieces and are considered 2" Elongated Hexagons. 2" along the long sides; 1" along the short sides.

Even though these are called "hexagons" (and they are, because they have 6 sides), the ANGLE is NOT 60 degrees. That is a right angle at the tips. When they are joined, only 4 points can come together. Here's that photo again. Nice, huh?

Ready for something fantastic. What it is, I don't know yet!
Hope you enjoyed seeing my work in progress.


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