Windham Wednesdays with Colorburst Squares

I shared this new Windham Collection last Wednesday, Meadow Whispers. I teased you with one set of blocks that are cut in stacks. Here are the next two sets:

Block #2
Notice where those center squares land. All center squares are the same size; it's the outer "log" that are different sizes.
Block #3
Joined by Block #1. Remember, we are cutting and stitching these in batches of 5. I'm almost done with another set of 15 blocks. I will have a 30 block quilt (5 x 6 assembly). These finish to 9". Then I will use the remaining parts of the 16 fabrics for a pieced border!
Block #1
This is a remake of my Colorburst Squares quilt designed in early 2002. I used bright colored batiks. What do you think? Now can you see how those center squares float across the quilt? My Etsy pattern has directions for BOTH versions of this quilt (both rotary cut and stitched traditionally or using stacks of squares).

30 Block Colorburst Squares quilt: 66" x 76"
I have enhanced the original pattern by giving TWO different ways to piece these blocks. Besides using stacks of large 10-1/2" squares, you can also piece this using traditional cutting of strips, etc. It is two patterns in one 12 page pdf with lots of good illustrations.

Colorburst Squares on a double bed with my two Fleur de Lis pillows
Here is the 16 block quilt that was the basis of a workshop for a few years. Can you see those center squares floating around? Fun, huh?

16 Block quilt (46" x 46")
I just found one more quilt. It's a little wild. You were warned!

Colorburst Squares using solids and dots/stripes
I got 15 of the blocks up on my design wall. What do you think? I won't stitch anything together until I make more blocks and then I'll be twisting and turning the blocks until they tell me they're done!

15 Blocks
Hope you enjoyed seeing the several versions of these very simple blocks. I hope to finish the one using the Meadow Whispers fabrics soon.


  1. Hi Debby! This is a fun block. I love all the different versions of this quilt but my favorite is the original Colorburst. The wild one is quite fun and I'm a huge fan of all polka dots. ~smile~ Roseanne


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