Butterfly Week: Day One

 Yes, it's Thursday, but I can start a week any day I want, right? I just finished my Taking Flight Butterfly Quilt using some Kaffe Fassett prints. I realized when I put the pattern up on Etsy that I've made this TWO other times! I guess I must like it. The other two quilts have been donated to charity, but this one may go to my daughter Hilary's home. She loves to foster Monarch butterflies.

Taking Flight. 10" blocks; 40" x 40" quilt

Here are the four blocks (which I've shared a few years ago when I made them).

Four 10" blocks

Here are the other two quilts. I guess I must really like this pattern! The first one used the Penny Lane collection by Blank Fabrics from 2016.

Taking Flight using Penny Lane fabrics

Here's one of the blocks up close. The quilting is so beautiful! I donated this one to a local Young Lives charity that assists single moms and their young kids.

And the 3rd quilt I made was also given away (though I can't remember where). And it also is beautifully quilted.

So, if you like butterflies (and don't we all!) and want a simple raw edge appliqué pattern (which can also be stitched using hand appliqué), go take a look at my Taking Flight pattern on Etsy. There are a lot more pics to inspire you!

I will be back with Day Two of Butterfly Week. I hope it's tomorrow, but since I just thought this up a few minutes ago, I'm scrambling to gather all the pics. Thanks for stopping by!


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