Rose Star Week: Day 3

I wanted to play with some other fabrics and show my students what it looks like with each 3-patch unit using 3 different fabrics. I still have quite a few of these fabrics left (cut into kites) and I'm trying to figure out a good design. I like trolling Pinterest for ideas; how about you? (I used my own kite template) This uses the 3-patch unit as found in the Rose Star quilt.

Kite units using 3 fabrics

Here are the 3 fabrics I used in the block above. Yes, same Rose Star patches!

Sets of kites for my block

Then I decided to split the center kites. What do you think?

My template has seam allowances in the center so you can do this. To make it easy, I seamed two fabrics together and then aligned the template vertically (not shown that way here) and then cut. You have to cut one and then a mirror image of it. Can you see that?

I also took the kite shape and pieced it. Inspired by a vintage block, here is what I did:

Pieced kites

Sewn into a hexagon center:

And then I added a border. Don't ask me where it is! It's probably with my workshop samples for my English Paper Piecing class (though I know I stitched this by machine).

Tomorrow I will be showing you my Stacked Kites quilts using the kite fabrics in a completely different assembly. While these aren't technically Rose Star quilts, they do use the single shape in an entirely new arrangement.

Hope to see you then!


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