Mistakes Happen in Quilting, Right?

I make a LOT of quilts; hundreds and hundreds in my 30 year career. In the process, I sometimes take a wrong turn. And then I bring in the Ripper! Don't you just hate to unsew? But, we know it's for the best because, well - it's for the best!

Case in point: I made this beautiful quilt center and added two different fabrics (second photo). Then the voices in my head started screaming: "WRONG, WRONG! TAKE THEM OFF."

Quilt center with borders removed
Here is what I saw (and the voices confirmed what I was feeling in the pit of my stomach).

Sunburst Quilt center with unacceptable borders
Like one of my kids would have said: "What were you smoking, mom?" Then I rummaged through my stash (I really wanted a Kaffe Fassett print, because those Sunburst motifs are from one of his collections.) I found a wonderful fan print and auditioned it. I think it's perfect, don't you?

Sunny Day Blooms: 34" x 40"
Yes, I've made a few other quilts using these Sunburst motifs. Do you remember?

Trip Around the World (since beautifully quilted and bound, but can't find the photo). I loved pulling various blenders from my stash and the border I chose was a perfect fit. Didn't have to do any ripping here!

Sunburst Trip Around the World
And I even cut some hearts from the motifs. Used fusible webbing for the fabric back and these worked up so quickly!

Folded cards ready for gifting
So, remember this: when the voices in your head tell you that maybe you should swap out some fabrics, listen to them. Even though you thought you had it right, sometimes you just need to see it. That's why seam rippers are really a great sewing room friend!


  1. The change was for the better! I liked the first one but after seeing the change I agreed it was A better print.

  2. Loved the change....inspiring ....


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