Rose Star Week: Day Two

Here is another variation on that simple Rose Star Table Topper. Same shape but I added some side setting triangles to really upsize it. I blogged about this last year. I was using the Harvest Gold fabric collection by Benartex. Here's the link for the post from May 2019. (Fabric giveaway is over)

Harvest Gold fabrics on their way to a LARGE Rose Star

If you visit that page link you will see a LOT of steps in how I constructed this Rose Star. Same method as yesterday's but I added setting triangles on the sides to "square it up" and then beautiful borders. Here is the top (before quilting). I used the same template and method as patterned in my hard copy pattern (with template and 3-fabric patch samples). And the digital link is here.

Rose Star quilt before quilting: 48" x 44"

And I quilted it last week using my Handi Quilter Sweet 16. Notice that I turned it 90 degrees because I wanted it to be longer than wide. Here it is:

Harvest Gold Rose Star: 44" wide by 48" high

Just in time to hang in my house for the Fall. Love these fabrics! I also made this same pattern using a collection by Windham. (You know - they send me free fabrics and I design with them. Not considered a pattern for them - for pay - so I make what I want!)

Grand Illusion Rose Star quilt: 42" x 48"

Come back tomorrow to see some other things I made using the kite shape. Thanks for stopping by and any kind words you share about these quilts I always pass on to them. It makes them feel so special!


  1. I really like these quilts. The Harvest Gold one is my favorite so far.


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