Block a Day Calendar: Day 1

A few years ago I posted photos of all 366 of the blocks from my popular Quilter's Block a Day Calendar (2006-2016, Martingale Publishers). Patricia, a quilter in Australia, stitched every single block and posted it on the Martingale Facebook page. I grabbed the photos (with her permission) and shared them here.

Quilter's Block a Day Companion CD

The desktop calendar was in stores for 10 years, as well as the companion CD. I spent the better part of a year working on creating both of these. As the copyright holder, I now am able to sell the CD as it was originally published. The CD has all 366 of the blocks from the desktop calendar, but in TWO sizes! And, I included 12 quilt projects. It is easy to view on either a PC or a Mac. You can view ALL the blocks online here: Quilter's Block a Day Calendar.

What are some of the blocks? How about some for the Fall? Here's Geese on the Move.

I created a quilt as one of the 12 projects. I combined it with a simple square-in-a-square. The blocks are 12" and the quilt is 76" x 76". The pdf pattern is several pages and in color.

Geese on the Move. 12" blocks. 76" x 76" quilt

Autumn Leaf is a great block for the Fall. Patricia kept to the colors I used in the calendar.

Autumn Leaf: 14" Block

Here's another quilt that is patterned in the CD. Lover's Knot and Teardrops and Diamonds are the two blocks used in Autumn Jewels.

Lover's Knot

Teardrops and Diamonds

Here is the Autumn Jewels quilt from the calendar.

Autumn Jewels: 61" x 72"

And one more that is very definitely made with Fall colors. I've actually made this particular pattern about half a dozen times. It's easy and lends itself to just about any collection with good contrast. It's my Tessellating Stars quilt. This was from early 2000s.

Tessellating Stars. 12" blocks.
Here is the block as Patricia made it.

Tessellating Stars from the Block a Day calendar

The pattern for the quilt is included. Let me show you a few others that I've made - same pattern that's on the CD, just different numbers of blocks.

Split blocks top and bottom

And how about red and gold? Can you see that gold star in the center of the four red ones?

Red and Gold Tessellating Stars

This one is perfect for Autumn. Different colored stars with a single print.

And this was my first quilt from 20+ years ago!

OK. That's enough for today. Hope you enjoyed seeing the Autumn themed quilts. Patterns are found on my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar CD.


  1. Loved having those calendars on my desk and still have inspirational. Thank you.

  2. I love my calendars.. I have kept every one!


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