Circle Week: Day 5

I was pulling all my Christmas quilts out of the closet to begin decorating for the holiday and came upon this small treasure I made about 30 years ago. I think I bought this set of panels from a fabric chain store (no longer in business) and used my interfacing technique to turn the edges. Appliquéd them to a single background fabric (gold) and machine quilted it. But, as I looked closer, I saw that I had started to hand quilt it - and obviously gave up!

30 year old holiday baskets

Drunkard's Path is a vintage, traditional pattern that remains popular even today. It's been updated and modernized and looks fresh and clean in new fabrics. It is composed of quarter circles joined to curved patches. It always daunted me, so I decided to appliqué circles to squares and then cut them into 4 smaller units. The top of this basket was made from a single cream square with a blue print circle appliquéd to the center. Then cut into 4 smaller squares. The basket uses two of them for the top.

Basket Block: 4-1/2" unfinished

The bottom of the basket comes from a blue square with a cream circle appliquéd. Again, I only used 2 of those smaller squares. I stitched them using a buttonhole machine stitch.

Back of Basket block

Here are a few other traditional Drunkard's Path blocks and variations. All of the circles came from a grocery bag filled with pre-cut circles for yo-yos and they were vintage 1930s fabrics!

Variation of Chain Links block. 8-1/2" unfinished

Vintage chicken prints - I call this Chicken a la Ring!

And lavender with yellow. So pretty! Again, 8-1/2" unfinished.

Harvest Moon or Around the World

More lavender and yellow. This is the Baby Bunting block.
Baby Bunting

Snowy Windows (pattern name)

Can also be called Dirty Windows!

Each of these circle prints are authentic 1930s prints.
Puzzle Boxes

And one of my absolute treasured possessions: All the tiny 1/4 circles are from that bag of pre-cut yo-yos. I used a precious feed sack remnant for the border and binding. This is the traditional Love Ring taken out quick a few rounds!

Love Ring using authentic feed sacks and 1930s prints

And a closeup of these 1930 prints. Aren't they sweet?

That's it for Circle Week. I know I have more circle quilts in my Quilt Vault but if I can't think of the name, there's no way I can find them. Have a great weekend and I hope some quilting is in there for you.


  1. Love the ideas using drunker's path

  2. Love the "Love Ring" - it is quite a treasure. Enjoyed the circle quilt posts.


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