Circle Week: Day Four

Welcome to Day Four with circles. The first quilt here is made entirely of CASHMERE! I used some salesman's samples of wool cashmere and made this 54" x 82" quilt for my husband. I cut quarter circles from one sample and squares from another and then raw edge appliquéd them on using a buttonhole stitch.

Wool Cashmere Quilt: 54" x 82"

NO fusibles were used. NO interfacing. Just wool to wool.

Yesterday, I forgot to show you how I trim from behind my appliquéd circles. I leave the interfacing in until they are stitched - it stabilizes the edges so they don't get wobbly.

Trimming away behind appliquéd circle

And we all are familiar with yo yos, right? These delightful little circles are fun to make and use as embellishments. These yo yos are made with authentic 1930s fabrics

I helped my daughter design this project using a large yo yo quilt that we selectively took apart and then mounted on a canvas. It hangs above her bed. We used a bazillion pins to anchor this!

Reconstructed yo-yo spread

And I took several of these yo yo groupings and connected them into this little quilt. Lovely circles, right?

Small quilt made of yo yos

And one more: This is a class sample for my Folded Hexagon Flowers workshop. It uses 3-D prairie points, yo yos and folded 3-D Hexagons.

Yo yos and other 3-D embellishments

And an updated sample you've seen here before.

That's it for circles today. I'm going to dig around in my files to see what else I can share tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I was gifted a lot of yo yo's and am wondering if you put a liner or stabilizer on the back when sewing them all together to make maybe a bedcovering?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. A traditional yo-yo quilt has only the yo-yos; no liner (though that's also been done). It's not officially considered a quilt. And a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family, too!

  3. Debby: I love your daughter’s “headboard”. Did you use an artist’s canvas as in oil painting? Exactly how did you pin it? I have an old yo yo quilt that’s in tatters and would love to do something similar. Great idea��


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