Block a Day Calendar: Day 5

Are you still with me? So many blocks, so little time! But, I've made most of these in some form or another in the 28 years I've been making my living as a quilter. I often say that I'll never be a Rock Star, but I certainly can be called a Block Star!

While it's the first week of November with some cold temperatures, my Arkansas Meadow Rose quilt, with it's Spring-y colors, cheers me up. I made this 20+ years ago and I still own it. It's one of my vintage inspired quilts. This is patterned on the Calendar CD with an extra border.

Arkansas Meadow Rose with 10" blocks

 Here is the block that Patricia B. made from my calendar. Isn't this sweet?

Arkansas Meadow Rose block (10")

How about a lovely quilt for your St. Patrick's Day festivities? This combines two blocks: Irish Cross and Double Irish Chain.

Irish Cross and Chain. 10" blocks. 64" x 74" quilt

Let's see both of the blocks as Patricia made them.

Double Irish Cross: 10" block

Double Irish Chain

I made these blocks in 2018 and blogged about them. Here's the small quilt. I used the Uncorked Collection from Windham Fabrics.

Irish Cross and Chain

Now, go take a break and gather all your fabulous green fabrics! But, wait. I have ONE more quilt to share with you. It's called Chain of Squares. Don't you love these sweet chicks hanging out with this block?

I designed this quilt 15 years ago and asked an Atlanta friend to stitch it. Spring Fabrics provided the materials and it was published in Quilt Magazine. Such lovely prints! This is the 12th quilt included on the Block a Day Calendar CD.

Chain of Squares quilt: 65" x 77"

So, now you've seen all 12 of the quilts that are included on the CD of 366 blocks. You can check out ALL the blocks by visiting the web page that lists them alphabetically.

And you can still find the CD for sale at my Etsy site for $15 and FREE shipping!

You'll be seeing more of these blocks in 2021. I want to have some sort of Sew Along, but I'm not sure about how I want to work the details. They will depend on participants having a copy of the CD, the hard copy calendar or sets of the blocks by month that I've offered in the past.

How interested would you be in such a year long project? Your thoughts?

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  1. Hi. Would love to get a paper copy if you calendar. Do you have. 2021?
    My computer does not have a CD drive so I'd like to know what is in the CD version before I buy it.

  2. You didn't leave an email so I can't get through to you! You can see all of the blocks with links to the 12 quilts here: It's impossible to print everything out - it would take about 500 pages of paper! It was first published in 2007, so it will work on any computer today (web browser and Acrobat Reader).

  3. I have purchased your quilting block and pattern-a-day calendar for years. I tried to buy a 2021 calendar, but don't find one for sale! Does that mean you have stopped making it?


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