Circle Week: Day Two

I created a quilt 16 years ago and it was published in Quilt Magazine. I have no clue why I named it what I did, but I called it Spiroglyphics!

Spiroglyphics Quilt from 2014

I was enamored with making those interfaced circles and wanted to use black as my background fabric. I had a wonderful supply of batiks at that time and started cutting and stitching. I also was teaching paper piecing classes and the Square in a Square was our beginner's block. Using an Add-a-Quarter ruler is a MUST!

6" Square in a Square paper pieced block

I made a smaller version for a series of classes I taught for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo. I made up kits of fabric so the students can start stitching right away. Here is the sample:

Smaller Spiroglyphics

I've been going through my dozens of workshop boxes (and yes, I have 40, so that means 3+ dozen!) and trying to use up my teaching samples so I can totally retire the class. I took several of my teaching samples and put them into this other version of Spiroglyphics. I really like this assembly, don't you?

I had way more Square in a Square blocks than Circle blocks and decided to add those 4 horizontal sashing strips to even things out. No borders. My guild friend here in Virginia quilted it for me because it's being donated to a local charity. I bound it and she's done!

Spiroglyphics 2020 quilt: 30" x 30"

And one more quilt that was made with my leftover blocks. (Yes, I make a lot of teaching samples!) This is 36" x 42". Same little Square in a Square blocks. It's quilted (not in this pic) and I just need to put the binding on. Some little child will love these dancing bugs in that green border, right?

Dancing Bugs Charity quilt: 36" x 42"

Tomorrow I will be sharing one more quilt made using these units. Since it's Wednesday, I will be using a new collection from Windham Fabrics. Come back and I'll show you!

In the meantime, check out my 9 page pdf Spiroglyphics pattern in my Etsy shop.


  1. I like these quilts. The last one is really busy. A few of the center square fabric have eyeballs looking in different directions. :-)


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