Circle Week with Windham Fabrics: Day 3

Day Three; more circles. This time I used a CD. You remember those, don't you? I have used them in workshops for my students to be able to make all sorts of perfect circles like these using the Solstice Collection by Sally Kelly.

Circles from the Solstice Collection by Sally Kelly for Windham Fabrics

 Let's see more of this fabric:
Solstice Fabrics

And another photo. These are just a few of the 28 prints! Go check them out. You will love them!

I pulled the two light prints to be the backgrounds of my circles blocks. I was able to cut 6 squares from each. I made my circles as I shared earlier (ie, interfaced and turned), centered and then pinned to the square, ready for stitching.

Circle centered, pinned and ready for stitching

I made 11 of these. Not sure yet where I'm going. I have one more square . . .
I had cut the squares 7" because sometimes in appliqué there is a little shrinkage. You can see the little bits of fabric shavings. Now they're a perfect 6-1/2" square!

11 Solstice Circle blocks

And as I showed you on Tuesday, I made some Square in a Square blocks as I did in the Spiroglyphics quilts. Here are the first 5.

Five Square in a Square blocks

"OK?" you ask. "Where are you going?" Well, I really don't know! But I'm going to do something like those Spiroglyphics quilts. I'll keep you posted. I just thought you'd like to see a few more circles!

I hope to share a few more posts about circles. Stay tuned. 


  1. Received CD yesterday. Thank you.
    Still need to do circles. I have a tester block to finish and a quilt top due the end of month and then circle and a square in a square.
    Thank you for ideas.

  2. Inspiring and lovely colours .

  3. Thanks for the inspiration ... I’m going to fussy cut some circles and squares for something like your wonky block.


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