Thursday, November 5, 2020

Block a Day Calendar: Day 4

Day Four with a few more features on the Quilter's Block a Day Calendar. King's Crown is a fun block because you can create a "fool the eye" movement when the fabrics are changed up a bit. First, the block as Patricia B. made it.

King's Crown. 12" and 16" sizes

Here is a quilt I made about 15 years ago using some sweet pink and green Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Notice the change of fabrics between the blocks as they sit side by side. This was a fun workshop when I lived in Atlanta and taught occasionally at a local quilt shop.

King's Crown 4 block quilt

 Here is the quilt which is patterned on the CD. 16" blocks. 64" x 80" quilt.

King's Crown Quilt

One more quilt included on the CD is the Wandering Foot. Hey, I don't want my feet to go wandering without me, do you? Here's the block:

Wandering Foot (from December)

 And the quilt, which uses seven 12" blocks set on point. It measures 54" x 76".

Wandering Foot Quilt

You can see all 366 blocks and the sizes they are offered in the Calendar Navigation Bar.

Check out the Etsy listing - FREE postage, too (USA only).

See you tomorrow with the last 3 featured quilts to inspire you!


  1. Is there a printed calendar? I don't seem to watch CD's. Quilts are gorgeous.

  2. Hi, Nancy. The printed calendar can still be found online at Amazon:

    It does not include the second size of each of the 366 blocks. It also does not have the 12 quilt patterns.

    The CD is not like a video. You can view all the blocks in alphabetical order and download just the patterns you want to print and stitch.

    Thanks for that question!


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