Quilt Twins Week: Day One

This week I am featuring twins, quilt twins, that is! I often make more than one of my designs in different fabric collections. And I'm going to show Christmas and Hanukkah fabrics in the mix as we get ready to celebrate these holidays.

The first quilt is Diadem. It is a vintage pattern that is traditionally pieced with templates. Not me! I converted those corner points to simple Paper Piecing.

Diadem Quilt: 53" x 53". 14" blocks

This appears in my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts. The center patch showcases a beautiful motif that we would otherwise be reluctant to take a rotary cutter to. They are cut 10-3/8".

This was a popular workshop for a few years. I tested the pattern using a variety of fabrics. Here's one made with a collection called Lola by Blank Quilting.

Diadem Block from 2013

Here is one with an outer space theme. It was one of my workshop class samples. It has since been donated to a kids' charity locally. Some kid is going to love this, right? And he/she won't mind that I didn't stagger the gold and blue blocks.

Diadem quilt using an outer space theme

So, now I have a third quilt. That means triplets! This was finished recently using some Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Diadem using some Kaffe Fassett prints

Here is another Kaffe Fassett single block that I added borders to. Now you can really see what I mean about being reluctant to chop up that fabulous center large scale floral! It needs to be seen!

Single Diadem block with simple borders

Yes, I just remembered ANOTHER quilt (are we up to quintuplets?). This also was a workshop sample.

Diadem quilt using pinks and browns

And let me end with one more holiday themed block. These paper pieced corners are very easy to stitch and you get a 14" block quickly. The fabric does all the work!

Single Diadem block from 2013

Hope you enjoyed seeing how one pattern can look different when wearing different fabrics! See you tomorrow with another set of twins (or triplets or quints!) Go check out the 12 page pdf digital file in my Etsy store.


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