Baby Blocks Quilt Finished

She's finished. Karen R. of my local quilt guild (Reston QU in Virginia) beautifully quilted this. I put the binding on. It is part of our charity quilt endeavors (probably will become a wheelchair lap quilt.)

7 Block Baby Blocks quilt: 38" x 40"

I made these Baby Blocks the old fashioned way - with y-seams! You've seen these little blocks before. These are 4-1/2" rotary cut 60 degree diamonds.

Single Baby Blocks
Here is the y-seam from the back. You can see how the 3 seams come together in the center. Then the 1/4" where there is NO seam is spun. Lies flat that way.

Baby blocks from wrong side.

I squeezed the life out of that swirly fabric. I had to seam two diamonds - gasp! But, it works!

This block measures 8" finished from flat side to flat side. I used 4-1/2" 60 degree triangles to set them together.

Look closely and you'll see the seams in the multi-colored diamonds

I used a mottled batik in a light print for those setting triangles. When you have 7 blocks, you have to get a little creative with their assembly. I cut four more diamonds and put those in the corners. Now I can have a rectangular center.

Then I grabbed a golden yellow for the inner border. I thought I had enough of the outer border, but I had to piece that, too! Who cares? It's not going into a judged show. Here it is lying flat on my kitchen floor before it was sent to the LAQ.

Baby Blocks Quilt: 36" x 40"

I have Baby Blocks quilt patterns in my Etsy shop which are simplified WITHOUT the y-seams. This uses 4-1/2" rotary cut diamonds.

My Diamonds Have the Blues: 60" x 60"

And a smaller version which is the basis for my Baby Blocks workshop. This uses 3-1/2" rotary cut diamonds.

Baby Blocks: 36" x 36"

Those 60 degree diagonal lines on your standard acrylic rulers can do some magical things!