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Hard to believe, but I have authored 18 quilting calendars since 2006! 15 of those were desktop, block a day calendars with full instructions for making dozens of quilts in each. Do you remember these? 

I began creating these in 2006 and my publisher retired the projects after 2020. Big sigh, but, to tell you the truth, they were a LOT of work! Besides having to create 320 unique quilt blocks for each one, I had to  have dozens of quilt patterns (and I mean DOZENS!) for each year. That meant not only designing them but calculating all the yardage, etc. You can bet I negotiated a much higher compensation after the first 2 years. Who works for 10 cents an hour (except in China) these days?

Here's one from my 2016 calendar (July). I called it Gold Star Eagles. I used a vintage appliqué eagle combined with that awesome Rising Sun and variation blocks. They are 12" x 12" with the whole quilt finishing to 50" x 50".

Gold Star Eagles from my 2016 Block a Day Calendar

I've used this eagle in other quilts. Quilt Magazine patterned it several times in my 14 years with them. This is Patriot's Day using some reproduction Coverlet fabrics from Windham. This is now owned by my nephew Blair. Center block is 24"! (You can find it in my Etsy shop).

Patriot's Day Quilt: 45" x 45"

Here's the Sun and Star block:

Sun and Star Block: 12"

I would love to actually make this. Fairly easy appliqué (raw edge by sewing machine, of course!). But I will upsize it to maybe 18" from the 12" in the calendar.

Here is the simpler Rising Sun block.

Rising Sun Block: 12"

I discovered that my 2016 Wall Calendar of 366 blocks fits in with 2022! The dates coincide with the days. Isn't that fun? I can hang it in my studio again and be inspired every day without having to cross off and change the names of the days. Here's a photo of the cover. Maybe you have one!

2016 Wall Calendar coincides with 2022 - lucky me!

I'm trying to figure out how to recycle these hundreds of quilts and thousands of blocks to inspire my blog followers. I'll keep you posted when that happens. For now, have a lovely May day wherever you live.


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