Tribute to May Day

Today is May Day (May 1) and it reminds me of one of my all time favorite quilts. This mini is Dogwood Blossoms and was put into a raffle a few years ago and reminded me of why I NEVER use my quilts for raffles. They never capture what they're worth. The highest bidder offered $35 and it was gone.

Dogwood Blossoms Mini Quilt: 20" x 26"

This quilt is included in my 2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts CD on Etsy. It's a combination of raw edge appliqué and paper piecing. Those little pink flower tips are actually folded ribbons for a 3-D effect!

Let me show you the block up close:

Mini Dogwood Blossom Block: 6" x 6"

Back to May Day. It's a better use of my thoughts!

I was actually recalling when I was in elementary school (in the 1950s - yikes!), we had May Day celebrations. We had banners around the May pole, wore little costumes and hats. Wow - a trip down memory lane!

I was inspired to make this quilt many years ago because I had first made this large bed sized quilt for Quilter's World Magazine, April 2008.

Dogwood Blossoms bed quilt: 64" x 83"

The dogwoods are about to bloom where I live and they are going to be gorgeous! I love Spring and all the bright greens and new blooms. Sat on my deck this afternoon listening to the birds. Such a luxury for me and I'm going to do it again tomorrow!

The bed quilt above is beautiful BUT because it was custom quilted on just about every square inch, it is STIFF AS A BOARD! Beautiful to look at but, I would never give it away - certainly not soft and cuddly. Just a warning - just because a quilt LOOKS beautiful, doesn't mean it FEELS beautiful.

Have a great May Day.


  1. The dogwoods are about like in VA. Redbuds are bright and are starting to leaf out. I was married 58 years ago on May 1. Finally had some rain last night and sun out this am. Have a great day.


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