FREE May Calendar of Blocks

I work in some pretty powerful computer programs and sometimes I surprise myself! I was able to change the 2016 Calendar of 365 blocks to a 2022 calendar! It is just eye candy (no patterns), but I'm going to work on that once I identify where each block appeared in the 18 calendars I designed! I can only find them by name (and there are THOUSANDS).

May 2022 Block a Day Calendar

If you would like a copy for printing and hanging in your office or kitchen or sewing room, I would be delighted for you to have one. It must be PRINTED ON LEGAL SIZE PAPER. It's that long.

I'm almost finished with the January through April months and I'll offer those here (I know - the months are gone, but there are some cute blocks.)

Since I only recently realized I could repurpose my blocks, I'm doing some serious catchup. But go ahead and click the link for the pdf file of the May 2022 Block a Day Calendar.

And, once you look at them, let me know your favorite!

Please DO NOT print and distribute these. Just give your friends the link.


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