More 3/4" Hexagons

To give you an idea of the size of various hexagons, I like to show my students my stack of GFG blocks with the smallest (that I make) being 3/4" hexagons. That's the blue one on the top with the yellow center. The next size is the pink one made using 1" hexagons. Then 1-1/2" (missing 1-1/4"), 1-3/4" and the bottom turquoise floral uses 2" hexagons.

Stack of GFG blocks to show how size matters!

I was working with some lovely Northcott sparkly fabrics in blues and browns and I decided to add another round. First, a block I made about 15 years ago using 1" hexagons. I appliquéd it to a background square in 2013. Still waits for a finish!

Triple round GFG using 1" hexagons

More on that block at a later date. Here is a closeup of the blocks I made using 3/4" hexagons. There are 6 medium brown hexagons surrounding the center dark brown hexagon and then 12 turquoise hexagons in that 3rd round.

GFG using 3/4" hexagons

And one with the colors rearranged.

Second block

I decided to arrange these in another circle, but this time using 3 triangles attached to each hexagon background block. I made 6 of these.

Adding triangles to 3 sides of my hexagon block

I put them all together and then added size triangles (tan) to "square" it up. This remains unquilted to show my students what it all looks like from the wrong side.

One more set of hexagon blocks in a circle

So, in essence, I have 3 small quilts made with 3/4" hexagons that use similar assembly techniques. Simple blocks arranged in a wreath setting, squared up on the sides.