Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass Quilts, Day Two

Now we will see what can be done with a coffee filter from a Starbuck's (or other coffee shop that uses the 100 cup makers). My youngest daughter gave me a few from the coffee shop she was working at back in 2013 (I did make her ask her boss!) She called me one day from Atlanta and said, "Mom. Don't you do something with coffee filters in your quilting?" She was thinking of my Coffee Filter Fans classes.

Coffee Filter Fans, now living with my dear Mother in Law

When she sent me the photo of the coffee filters next to her hand, I had to gasp! These things are 20" in diameter.

20" coffee filters
Let's see them in my own hands! Pretty big, huh?!

I decided to draft a more complicated mariner's compass on one. I had to divide it into 8ths. The next photo shows two of these together (which make 1/4 of the compass). You can see my pencil drawn lines.

One quarter of my 20" Mariner's Compass

Here is how this section looks with the paper pieced ring of Flying Geese. This is actually the 5th compass I've made like this.

Here are the first four I made. I used brown prints in the first one. This is from 2013.

First Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass: 32" x 32"

Then I wanted to use some Kaffe Fassett prints. Again, I stopped after adding the curved background pieces.

Coffee Filter Compass using KF prints: 32" x 32"

Then I used some brights with a background print of gray. I repeated the print in the border

Brights and gray compass: 43" x 43"

Next, I discovered a fantastic print of a map. I tried to make it fit in the center of the Flying Geese ring. Technically, this isn't a Mariner's Compass, but it works!

World map for the center of the Flying Geese ring

And my most recent compass (#5), made with my workshop samples (because I'm retiring the class). I used a schoolroom theme for the border and the center circle.

Coffee Filter Compass with classroom themed borders

This was a very fun class. I actually have about 30 of these 20" coffee filters left in case I do decide to teach it again. It seems that I just can't empty my workshop sample boxes all the way.


  1. We had fun when you taught this coffee filter class with our little group down in Tucker. I wish I could find those big filters now.

  2. All of your blocks are fabulous. I don't usually like brown fabrics, but that first block is eye-catching.


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