Windham Wednesdays with Legendary Loves

I came upon a fat quarter bundle of these fabrics that I hadn't done anything with. They just so happened to be the colors I needed to set some of my GFG blocks done with 3/4" hexagons.

Legendary Loves by Windham Fabrics (2017)

I had made these small blocks several years ago with some sparkly fabrics. Then I had so many I used them with some diamond backgrounds. And I still had 7 GFG left!

Auditioning the GFG blocks with the cream diamonds

So, I used 6 of the diamonds (with the appliquéd GFG blocks) and stitched those together. Now the Legendary Loves fabric come into play. The cream 60 degree diamonds are cut 5-1/2" (from flat side to flat side). The rose print triangles are also cut 5-1/2" (using a 60 degree triangle ruler). I made 6 of these units.

GFG appliquéd to 5-1/2" diamond. Added triangles

I auditioned some cream 30 degree side triangles and yes, they'll work! See that empty center where the diamonds come together? I have a plan!

Center needs something, right?

Now I pieced these together - no y-seams, of course! This now measures 20-1/2" high. That center GFG block is simple appliquéd to the center! (After this photo was taken I did sew those cream side triangles on.)

I am now thinking real hard about how to incorporate more of those lovely Legendary Loves fabrics into this center. Maybe I should make some more GFG blocks from some of the prints and keep going. I don't need another table runner!

Let's see those lovely fabrics again! I'll keep you posted.


  1. I love this. I need a lot of practice with hexies. Gives me something I could try and get better


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