August Calendar of Blocks

Here we are in August and in the Northern Hemisphere we are sweating! I'm thankful for Willis Carrier and his invention of the air conditioner! I hope you're ready for the color page of calendar blocks for August. Let's see a few of the blocks.

August 6th (Saturday) showcases the Florida Jay block from the Laurel Wreath quilt. I actually made the block into a quilt! I gave this to a dear neighbor several years ago.

The Florida Jay block from the Laurel Wreath quilt

Here's the French Countryside block from February 2007. Lovely appliqué with the extra dimensional stitching. This block appears on Sunday the 8th.

French Countryside Block: 10"

 Then there's Golden Teardrops from November 2007. Here's the quilt first:

Teardrops Quilt

And the block that appears for August 30th. This is Golden Teardrops which finishes to 5"!

Golden Teardrops Block: 5"

And one more, a Dancing Autumn Leaves block.

Dancing Autumn Leaves: 10"

These are all digital blocks. I'm hoping someone, somewhere who has purchased this 2007 desktop Calendar of Quilt Blocks got inspired to make one or more!

Here is the link for the one page August 2022 wall calendar of blocks. Remember, it needs to be printed on longer paper (ie, 8-1/2" x 12 or 14"). No patterns - just eye candy. Enjoy!