Thankful Tuesdays: For My Students' Quilts!

Last week I asked you to send me photos of quilts you've made from my workshops or even just a pattern. I got this beautiful rendition from Connie D. of the Annapolis Quilt Guild. She took my Modern Vortex Quilt class in 2016 and sent this to me to share here.

Modern Vortex by Connie D. of Annapolis, MD

I designed this quilt based on a vintage quilt made in red and white (I've shared it here before several times). I began teaching this workshop in 2013 for the Sewing Expo. I think I've taught it at least 2 dozen times.

It's really a variation on a traditional Dresden Plate quilt. The one below was made using a 5" charm pack of squares. You can get two blades from each square!

Charming Dresdens

Here is another one in process. I only have this student's last name (Bernard). She knows who she is. I love it in the blues, too!

Now, this one from Dawn P is a real treasure! She went to town and made 9 blocks! What a fabulous quilt this is.
9 Block Vortex Quilt by Dawn P.

And one more. This one is from Linda B. of Pennsylvania. That border is a real "fool the eye" treatment that is SO easy. NO weird templates or set in seams.

Modern Vortex by Linda B. of Pennsylvania

I still sell the pattern in my Etsy shop, with or without the Dresden template. If you have one of the various 18 degree dresden rulers on the market, you don't need to buy mine! 

18 degree Dresden Plate ruler with 8" height

Many thanks to my students for sharing these lovely quilts for all to see! And how about you? Let me see what you've been up to.