More About that Hosoya Triangle

I've been busy stitching on those needed 120 hexagons (1" size) to create that Math Horizons magazine cover. Do you remember what it looked like? Here is a digital rendition of what I'll be making. Are you interested in sewing this along with me? Let me know and I'll consider making it a Sew-a-Long. There actually is a method for stitching this in rows and units. My guild friend Diane is brilliant and advised me how to do it!


Quilter's rendition of the Hosoya Triangle

Let's see where I am now. First, I auditioned colors. I obviously didn't include the pink!

Then I cut a LOT of fabric hexagons out of blue, green and yellow 1930s prints. This is because I already had quite a few stitched. I punched a hole in the center of my hexagon papers and pinned them in place. The Clover clips keep things from slipping.

Then I got busy and stitched! I counted and cut. And stitched and cut some more.

And some more parts:

I'm creating units that should be manageable, but who knows? I've never done something with this many parts! I'm keeping little paper labels on them and using more Clover clips to bundle them together.

Several of the units

Once I get this done and appliquéd to my background, I'll find a border print from my 1930s fabrics and may even send a photo to the three mathematicians who wrote the article! Won't they be surprised?!