Double Hexie Stars

I gave a Zoom presentation last week and the title of my talk was "Turning 60: The Joys of Hex." A little provocative, huh? Some of us remember that scandalous book in the 70s called the Joy of Sex. My quilts are NOT considered sexy!

I shared several of my Double Hexie Star quilts and showed them how I fussy cut motifs for the center hexagons. I've taught the workshop about a dozen times and I'm ready to retire it. Let me show you some of my quilts. Here's my first one, done in Christmas fabrics.

Holiday Double Hexie Star

What does just one block look like? Aren't those awesome cardinals? But, don't sweat - there are no y-seams! Those red kite-shaped patches are really two 30 degree triangles.

Single Double Hexie Star block

This is one of my workshop samples for Double Hexie Star. You can see the steps for making those kite shaped units in a recent post. Check it out!

Nordic Holiday Double Hexie Star

I cut 30 degree triangles and had some leftovers. Students sew 2 rectangles together and then cut them with a 60 degree triangle. The little cutaways were NOT thrown out.

You can see where I was going with the Double Hexie Star. The pink sides of the units above are joined to make what looks like a 120 degree kite unit. No y-seams btw. (I think you're getting tired of me saying that, right?)

Double Hexie Star block: 16" x 18"

One of my favorite versions of this quilt is one I made using a Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope print in the center hexagon. This sits on my living room coffee table and I get to enjoy it every morning while I drink my coffee.

You can see even more photos at my Etsy listing: Double Hexie Star quilts.