The Wheels on the Bus . . .

It's back to school time and that means school buses. I found a pattern by Pam Rocco that appeared in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine in 2013. So, I made some cars and trucks and even two school buses for my then little grandsons (they were 1 and 3; now 9 and 11)

Pam Rocco's patterns from a past issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

I was going to make a quilt like Pam's and then realized that I didn't have the energy to put an entire quilt together. Plus, I wanted something for both boys to share. Why not over sized postcard versions of these cars, trucks and buses? Well, why not!!

You can see Pam's quilt - and get the free pattern at the Wayback Machine archived pages of QNM. You better hurry - these can be taken down at any time. It's called City Traffic.

My daughter Audrey suggested I add family photos to the "windows", so I did for some of them.

Blue car with Tia Audrey and Miles ("tia" is "aunt" in Spanish)
One of my first blocks:

Simple blue car, quilted in simple echo lines

Here is Grandpa in the window of the green 1985 Dodge Ram pickup.

Turn your head around, grandpa! You need to watch the road!

Little green car. Don't you love that orange tailpipe?
Can Miles really sit in Grandpa's lap like that?
Big, green semi with Miles and Grandpa in the driver's seat (I think that's against the law, right?)

Miles' parents in the front of their orange eco-car

I paper pieced the cars and trucks, added batting, quilted in simple echo lines. Then, to save myself a lot of time, I used a specialty rotary cutter blade to "pink" the edges. Easy and quick. Love it.

Light blue fabric with cars (Benartex) for the back

Dark blue fabric with little cars

Big orange semi

Wow! Look at these crazy people in the front seat!

Tio Dani and Tia Audrey in front window; Aunt Pookie and Grandma in middle window; Great Grandparents in the back

The first bus I made.
You can have the free pattern for Pam's quilt by visiting Quilter's Newsletter archived patterns: City Traffic.

City Traffic Quilt by Pam Rocco, as seen in the Quilter's Newsletter Magazine