Ocean Breezes Block #5 and Quilt

Here is the last block in the Ocean Breezes Block of the Moment. I hope you've enjoyed making these blocks and are near to completion on everything. If you'd like to share your own blocks, send the pics to me and I'll have a blog post or two next week about them! (send to: kratovil@his.com)

We only make one of the Sailboat (whew!) and it's appliqué. Let's see it finished, and then I'll show you some steps.

Sailboat from the Ocean Breezes quilt

I use raw edge appliqué exclusively. But I am "religious" about the steps I take to ensure it looks nice to the eye. Here is my stitching on the mast up close. I first practiced on scraps so I could get my "zig" and "zag" to behave.

Close up of stitching

I also used the full size printed pattern underneath my 8-1/2" cream background square to assist me in lining up my patches. Once they were in the right place, I pinned, removed the pattern and then fused my patches in place.

And here's the block from behind so you can really see my stitches.

Sailboat from wrong side

Now, you may ask. Let's see the whole quilt, please! I added other borders beyond the red. Obviously, I didn't have enough of any one fabric so I took liberties. I hope to quilt this soon!

Ocean Breezes Quilt

I would love to see your blocks and your quilts as you finish them, too! I hope you've enjoyed this free Block of the Moment. If you're up to another, I may have one at Summer's end. I'll keep you posted.