Bubbles and Hexagon Quilts

Say what? Bubbles? Hexagons? Together? Yes, and we use Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls! Sounds very yummy, doesn't it?

You can do a lot with half-hexagons. Actually, I think anything with a 60 degree baseline is magic! I have seen a variety of quilts on Pinterest that use this concept. I had this first quilt published in 1997, and I wasn't the first person to do this. There is nothing new under the sun, right?

Yes, 1997! Published in Quilt Magazine

What if the neighboring half-hexagons are the same color? My Bubbles and Hexagons quilt was made using 2-1/2" strips (can you say Jelly Rolls?)

I sell the hard copy pattern with a 2-1/2" acrylic template for $13 in my Etsy store. Check it out. The following is a photo of that template which works with 2-1/2" strips.

I had a stack of chocolate themed layer cake squares (10") that I used for a workshop sample. I finished it and donated it to my local guild's charity endeavors. Some child is going to get hungry looking at this!

Bubbles and Hexagons made with Oh, Fudge! fabrics by Benartex

When you know what size the HEIGHT of the half-hexagon should be, then you can cut any size. These are cut from 4-1/2" strips of batiks. I obviously used my 60 degree triangle ruler to cut these larger half-hexagons! I used a stack of 10" squares from a layer cake for this blue quilt. This is also patterned with the one above (a paper template is included, though you really will want to use the triangle ruler.)

Bubbles and Hexagons using a Layer Cake!

Look at all the lovely half-hexagons!
Two half-hexagons cut from each 10" square

And the same quilt using bright batiks! These are the larger half hexagons with a height of 4-1/2".

I also sell the 12 page digital pattern for both sizes. So, check out these listings at my Etsy store and grab your stacks of jelly rolls or layer cakes and create this awesome quilt of illusion!