Half Hexagon Week, Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Half Hexagon Week, where I'm featuring half hexagons and the various quilts I've made over the years. The half hexagon played a very strong supporting role last week with the whole hexagon. I'm trying to show how it can play very well solo!

I made this first quilt in 2002. There are no y-seams. The half-hexagons are stitched in horizontal rows and then a single layer of white fabric is the background for the flowers.

Dancing Flower Pots, 2002. 33" x 36"
 And the blocks close up. Check out those yo-yos made with some vintage fabrics!

Flower Pots
I made the next quilt for Windham Fabrics. I call it Dancing Flower Pots. This time I appliquéd the large half-hexagon to the background square. The block backgrounds are gingham. Sweet, huh? This appeared in my 2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts.

Dancing Flower Pots
And, yes, one more! This was made in 2006 and was published in Quilt Magazine. While you can't get those exact flower motifs to cut out, I have included full size templates to recreate the same look!

2 of the 3 Pots of Blooms
This appeared in my 2014 Wall Calendar of Quilts. The individual pattern is in my Etsy store. The quilt hangs in my dining room year 'round. Love this little quilt!

Dancing Flower Pots: 47" x 50"
The half-hexagons here are also pieced in a horizontal row. Very simple. I made the fabric do all the work.

Hope you enjoyed the bold blooms in half hexagon pots! And, yes, I have more for tomorrow. See you then!


  1. Thanks Debby i am really enjoying your Quilt Show.

  2. Beautiful...loved them all....

  3. Hi Debby! You are really making me look at this shape in new ways. A planter! Who would have thought and yet, when I look at it, it's obvious. Thank you! ~smile~ Roseanne


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