Log Cabin Week, Day Five

Today I want to show you my Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam Quilt (you've seen it before) made with Log Cabin blocks and 9 appliqués.

First, a small Sunbonnet Sue quilt I made in 2004. Very vintage.
Blue dresses for both ladies!
And this little pillow I made from a tiny appliquéd block (3-1/2"). Added a ruffle and it now resides with my little granddaughter

A few years ago I was asked by Windham Fabrics to create a design using one of their 1930s reproduction collections, which would then be a pattern in Keepsake Catalog. What's more in tune with 30s fabrics than Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam?

16" Blocks (4 log cabins). 48" x 48" quilt (no borders)
Oh, you want to see some of the blocks up close? Certainly! Each of the 9 blocks uses solids for the appliqué and a variety of prints with white. This is how I got ready to make the blocks. I like to say, "Some days I like to cut; some days I like to sew."

Strips ready for a 4-Block unit
And how does the 16" unit look (four Log Cabin blocks together before adding the appliqué)?

Four blocks with the same center squares

Here's "Have a Heart Sue" in the center of four scrappy blocks with green centers.
Have a Heart Sue
And I cut ALL the strips and kept them neatly on my sewing table.

All strips ready for the other 8 blocks
Here is "Overall Sam."
Overall Sam
You can see this Sun Bonnet Sue and Overall Sam pattern in my Etsy shop. It is a 16 page digital pattern with full size templates for each of the 9 appliqués. Well illustrated with lots of color. Keepsake sold it for $20. My price is $10!


  1. The applique in the center of the block sure changes the look of the block--adds more interest.

  2. Hi Debby! I love SB Sue and Sam. They really stand out well on the log cabin blocks. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That combines two of my favorite things - appliquéd Sue and Sam with log cabin blocks. I'm also not opposed to 30s fabrics! Thanks for the reminder of this pattern.

  4. 30s reproduction is one of my all time favorites. Love the Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam accompanying the 30s log cabins. Charming and delightful quilt.


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