Half Hexagon Week, Day 5

Really? Do I really have MORE quilts with half-hexagons? Well, what I want to show today are some of my English Paper Pieced (EPP) blocks made using half-hexagons. You will see many, many more EPP blocks and projects when I have English Paper Piecing Week!

I shared this block last week. It is an updated version of the vintage Wagon Wheel. Isn't it glorious with that kaleidoscope motif in the center? This is from the Grand Illusion collection by Windham Fabrics. I made little kits for my EPP workshops last summer and the students were thrilled.

Wagon Wheel. One hexagon and 6 half-hexagons
Here is the Wagon Wheel with blue and gold half-hexagons before I stitched them. Yes, there are a bazillion y-seams, but doing this by hand is easy.

Wagon Wheel #2
Katja Marek's book (The New Hexagon) featured this block. She named it Marena. This is my version of Marena using a Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope motif.

Marena, aka: Wagon Wheel
One more block. Same patches. Different arrangement. Why, it's a TWISTED HEXAGON!

Twisted Hexagon done with EPP
One more Dawn/Twisted Hexagon with another of these lovely Paula Nadelstern motifs!

Twisted Hexagon
I order a lot of my papers for EPP from Paper Pieces. They are worth it! But there are times when I only need a few of a particular shape, so I print my own. Plus, I just don't want to wait for the mail to come!

Designed with Adobe Illustrator and printed on card stock
Isn't this a lovely block in my garden? The center is a Baby Block (yes, y-seams!). The 3 diamonds in the center form a hexagon. Then the 6 half-hexagons surround it just like a Twisted Hexagon.

Kerry Block (from Katja's book)
And two more blocks made with EPP. They are called Maureen in Katja Marek's book. I named them Isadora (I showed some yesterday). As you can see, there are NO y-seams. The last two side rows are all I need to stitch to finish the block. The diamond has a 4" side. This will finish to a 7" height. I will put this in the center of a special mug rug or hot pade.

Isadora, aka Maureen
And one more using one of those awesome kaleidoscope motifs from Paula Nadelstern. I made this several years ago and only now took a pic of it. This is one of my classroom samples.

Maureen, aka Isadora
I hope you've enjoyed Half Hexagon Week. And I hope I've inspired you to think about half hexagons and some different ways to use them.


  1. Hi Debby! I did enjoy the heck out of half-hexagon week. I learned a lot and have more than enough inspiration with a few new project I need to make. Thank you! Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne


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