Improv Quilts Week, Day 5 (and Giveaway)

Yes, that's right. I have a giveaway and it's a FREE pattern for everyone. This is based on the 8th Gee's Bend quilt I designed for Windham Fabrics. All log cabins. All fairly regular. Let's see the original. These are the most "regular" looking log cabins so far, don't you think? All solids except for the single, top border. Irregular sashing sizes, too, with 3 different colors and cream sashing squares.
Housetop 9 Block by Annie E. Pettway: 66" x 74"
Do you remember that lone block I shared a few days ago? It's the top left one in Annie Pettway's quilt.
Single Log Cabin with a few renegade darker strips

And my version of Annie's quilt:

Housetop 9 Block quilt: 66" x 73"
Here is the first prototype (which was rejected) and we went back to the drawing board. Yes, you have to put on your asbestos suit when you work with other people's ideas. You just can't get your panties in a wad! I like the look of the blocks, but that sashing color (yellowish) washed out the whole thing.

First rendition of Housetop 9 Block
And this is the same design using a new collection called Simply White by Windham. I took my Gee's Bend pattern and recolored it. And THAT'S the FREE pattern for today! It is a 12 page pdf and the link takes you to the Windham Fabrics website where you can see the digital version. Then click the link under the quilt photo.

Simply White Housetop 9 Block Quilt: 66" x 73"
You may be thinking: "That's such a washed out looking quilt!" I guess that's true after all the color I showed you this week. But you can make this in any color palette you like. Make each block totally different. Tie it together with your sashing. It's your call. It's your quilt.

I hope you enjoyed Improv Week. It was good to get those class samples down from the closet.

Remember, it was because some businessman from Atlanta getting lost on a dirt road in Alabama in a town called Gee's Bend that these beautiful, improvisational quilts came to light. And what a beautiful discovery for us as well as them.

See you next week for English Paper Piecing Week.


  1. Thanks for a great week of improv lessons. Loved the Gee's Bend quilts!

    1. so glad you could get some inspiration!

  2. I've enjoyed this week's posts of improv. And thank you for the free pattern.

    1. You're welcome! See you next week for a totally different concept

  3. Hi Debby! I've enjoyed this series as well as the last. I actually have 42 wonky blocks on my design wall right now, ready to be sewn into a quilt top. Thanks for the inspiration! Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Wow! Put those 42 blocks together and let me see it. Send an email with it. I'd love to see them, Roseanne!

  4. Thanks for the pattern. Looking forward to reading about EPP.

  5. You're welcome! Hope you have some fun with your fabrics choices.


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