Log Cabin Week, Day Four

Welcome to Day Four, Thursday. Let's talk about curves! Here is my little model all dressed up in her prom dress with a tiny hat on her head, just hanging out on my desk with the geraniums. She is next to my Curvy Log Cabin quilt which, you will see in a bit, looks very much like Pac Man!

Little Model lounging on my deck with the flowers
This runner was made about 25 years ago and published in Quilt Magazine. I still own it and she's on my dining room table. The curves for this Log Cabin are created by using thin strips on two contiguous sides and thicker strips on the other two contiguous sides. Don't know what "contiguous" means? That's why we have Dictionary.com!

Celestial curvy log cabin table runner
You can see the logs in these blocks - and the MISTAKE block in the bottom right! Notice the two sizes of logs: thick and thin. That's what creates the curves.
Beginnings with only silver and blue
I decided to add 3 more colors. Again, you can see the thick and thin logs. I had to use Jean Ann's Curvy Log Cabin ruler to get these accurate.
Four different colored 6" Curvy Log Cabin Blocks
And the ruler with some of the small shavings as I trimmed:
6" Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool and the small scraps from trimming
And here's my Pac Man quilt. That's just what I thought when I saw all the 12 blocks together. What do you see?

Pac Man quilt made with twelve 6" Curvy Log Cabin blocks
Now for butterflies! I designed a project for Quilt Magazine about 20 years ago with this concept (there's nothing new under the sun, believe me). I used Jean Ann's 6" CurvyLog Cabin ruler for this one.
12" Butterfly Block using 3 Curvy blocks and a plain square
Here's my Butterfly quilt with 5 blocks set on point. I have FIVE hard copy patterns for sale in my Etsy shop for $6.00 each and NO postage! But you will need the 6" Curvy Log Cabin ruler.

Butterfly Quilt: 57" x 57"
And a lovely quilt made by a quilt shop in Minnesota using multiple colors.

Butterfly Quilt made by Quilting Divas Sewing Boutique in Minnesota
How's this for some curvy Log Cabins? Tomorrow we'll look at some more Log Cabin quilts and blocks so I hope you'll join me then. Thanks for stopping by.



  2. Wow! Those are beautiful log cabin layouts. Those butterflies are especially amazing.

  3. The butterfly one always catches my eye. Years and years and YEARS ago, I made a big heart twin-sized log cabin for my college roommate. She still has it! It's a technique I go back to in scrappy pieces sometimes, too.


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