Log Cabin Week, Day Three

Here we are at Wednesday. Today I want to share my Baby Logs quilts. All of these are Off Center Log Cabins. That means you begin with a square and then add logs to two sides only. The center is, well, OFF!

 I've made this almost a dozen times! First, here's the latest one (which is only in the block stage) that was inspired by a set of rainbow colored elastic bands in the Dollar Store! Can you see that lollipop looking thing in the plant? There are 12 colored elastic hairbands woven together.

Stepping out with rainbows!
You can see my process steps and detailed notes here: Rainbow Baby Logs.

A variation of Sweet Baby Logs using bright fabrics from the Bedrock Collection
My first off center Log Cabin quilt was with a sweet collection called Stella. I called it Sweet Baby Logs because it's so, well - sweet! I made this using a fat quarter bundle - yes! Just fat quarters!

There are TWO widths of logs which are added to one side only. But it still finishes square!

Sweet Baby Logs
I cut all my strips out ahead of time for several blocks. Here are the parts for the bottom right block in the quilt above (pink center). The mirror image of the block is its neighbor to the left and also the block directly above it. Yes, all my lights are not the same print (I only had fat quarters, remember?)

Parts for one 10" block
My 10 page pattern is well illustrated and has a coloring chart for planning your fabrics, 7 pages with photos of the steps, and includes the Kaffe Fassett version with different width borders.

Baby Logs photo sent from a blog follower
Black and white and red all over!
Black and White Baby Logs
Here it is in a variety of blue prints from Kaffe Fassett. This is now quilted and ready to go on the road.
Blue and White Kaffe Fassett Baby Logs
And then there's Pixie Sticks! A fantastic scrap buster with alternating color and white strips. This appeared a few years ago in McCall's Magazine and it's a workshop I teach. Very much a scrap buster. I ran out of matching fabrics for several blocks. You can see them at the top and bottom of this quilt. Not to worry - I just made them scrappy! These blocks are 6" with uniform strips of white and color.

Pixie Sticks: 42" x 52". 6" blocks (Also called Candy Stripes Log Cabin)
Several Pixie Sticks blocks. These are reproduction 1930s prints from Windham Fabrics. I also gave this another name: Candy Stripes Log Cabin.

Several Off Center Log Cabin blocks
Pixie Sticks, beautifully quilted by Connie Gallant
One more Off Center Log Cabin you saw here a few weeks ago. This is my Sunburst Log Cabin and I fussy cut a motif for the center and then added strips of shot cottons around. Created an asymmetrical assembly.

Sunburst Log Cabin: 42" x 42"
Well, enough for today. Hope you enjoyed these Off Center Log Cabin quilts


  1. WOW WOW. That first one is bright. Love it.

  2. Hi Debby! I've seen quite a few examples of this pattern around but never knew what the block was called. Thanks for the details and all the stunning examples. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Yes, I've considered making several of these, each time you showcased one over the years. One of the things I like about your patterns is that they typically don't age. That is, they still work with decorator styles 20 or 30 years later! If only I could say the same about me. LOL


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