Log Cabin Week, Day One

Another week, another theme. I like teaching and writing in themes. I am also very surprised to see HOW MANY Log Cabin samples I'm going to try to fit into this week. I'm also going to share some fantastic quilts and tools to make Log Cabin quilts.

This first quilt is as close as I can come to a traditional quilt with a center red square and logs of equal width surrounding it. This was made using the Creative Grids 4" Log Cabin ruler.

Diamonds in the Logs Quilt with 4" blocks
These blocks are SMALL, but a lot of people love making small blocks. The only way to do this with accuracy is to use the Creative Grids 4" Log Cabin Trim Tool by Jean Ann Wright. She was my editor at Quilt Magazine for 14 years and we made a LOT of quilts and created a LOT of quilting content. Go check out her web site. I sell this sweet pattern in my Etsy shop but you MUST have this ruler to make it. Maybe you already have it!

Here's another shot of it. You can find the well illustrated pattern for Diamonds in the Logs quilt in my Etsy store.
Diamonds in the Logs Quilt: 23" x 23"
How about a purse made with these small log cabins? Here is one of Jean Ann's patterns that uses the 4" ruler. It's the Tickled Pink Tote Pattern.

Tickled Pink Tote Pattern
Check out Jean Ann's book with 9 patterns that use the 4" and 6" Log Cabin rulers. Buy both rulers and the book is free!

Little Log Quilts
Log Cabin blocks are made with strips: thick, thin, mixed. What do you think? More on this quilt later, too!

I shared a Needle Book last week for English Paper Piecing. I also made another Needle Book with two log cabin blocks.

Log Cabin Needle Book
 One block on the front and one on the back. Neat, huh?

Needle case open
Here is a look at the inside. Pockets in the front and back with batting "pages." You can also find the Needle Book pattern for this in my Etsy store.

Pockets and batting "pages."
Tomorrow I will have some variations on the Log Cabin. Can you say scrappy?!


  1. log cabin is my favourite block. looking forward to seeing more of yours.

    1. Log Cabin is probably the #1 quilt block of all time. So many possibilities. STay tuned for even more this week. Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. The log cabin block was the very first block I learned to make and it has always been my favorite.

    1. Hi, Susan. Yes, it is the most common I think. And the most beloved. I wish I still had photos of my earlier quilts - they were simple and very, very scrappy.

      Thanks for stopping by. More Log Cabins all week! And if you visit Jean Ann’s website, she has dozens of more quilts (that’s the basic of all the rulers she has designed). So much inspiration.

      Thanks for stopping by. Always good to hear from you,

  3. Replies
    1. Well, I hope that’s because of my very lovely model today! She just had to dress up in that black formal Barbie dress. Log cabins are perfect for just about any fabric group, but I think scrappy is best!

      Thanks for stopping by. The best to you this week. More log cabins coming each day!

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  5. I do really like that needlecase. I think I have to make one for a Secret Santa this year.


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