Half Hexagon Week, Day 4

Today I share how to  combine diamonds with half-hexagons, triangles and whole hexagons for a unique block. This was part of a post from a few years ago.

Here is the block. I call it Isadora.
Isadora with blue tiaras and gold diamonds
Now let's look at the patches and see where the half-hexagons fit in. First the diamonds. I cut these from a fabric collection by Windham called Titan. I cut these 60 degree diamonds using a standard 6" x 12" acrylic ruler, using the 60 degree diagonal lines. I've shared this info before, so I'm not going to go into the details here.
Titan's diamonds

Then I cut my half-hexagons. I used my 60 degree triangle ruler. I showed this last week. When you purchase one of my 60 degree rulers I include a two page tip sheet for cutting:
  • Whole hexagons
  • Half hexagons
  • 60 degreeTriangles (duh)
  • 30 degree setting triangles
Titan's gems
I cut a whole hexagon from this gorgeous blue print. This finishes to 5" from flat side to flat side. This was cut from 5-1/2" strips. I did NOT cut this with a fixed size acrylic template. Just my handy, dandy 60 degree triangle ruler! I added two triangles, which are 3" finished height. Now I've got a pieced diamond, right?
Isadora with TWO gold tiaras
Now the fun begins. I joined the half-hexagons with the diamonds. I joined 2 half-hexagons with the unit pictured above. No y-seams, as you can see!

Isadora surrounded with beautiful gems
  • One fat quarter of Isadora became my focus fabric, from which I cut nine 5-1/2" high hexagons 
  • Four 3" high half-hexagons for EACH block (20 blue and 16 cream) using Titan
  • Two blue "tiara" triangles for each of 5 blocks; two gold triangles for each of 4 blocks (Titan)
  • Two 3" diamonds for EACH block (10 gold and 8 green from Titan)
Let's see the completed first block:

Isadora with gold tiaras and green diamonds
I made a total of 9 blocks (you have to stop sewing when you run out of fabric - that's my rule!)

Here are 8 of the 9 blocks. I'm thinking I should just go with 6 of them for that large circle.

8 Isadora blocks
Now I played around with an assembly. I thought of a ring, but then I would have to make something to go in the middle.

Here are the blocks put together into a ring. But I didn't really want this arrangement. I've made it before, but it is just a table topper.

Then I made one more block using a new print fabric and arranged the blocks in rows. Cut 4 diamonds to fill in the space. Only had fat quarters, so I had to get creative with the setting triangles!

10 Blocks
Hope you liked the Isadora block with the half hexagons (and diamonds and hexagons and triangles). I'll keep stitching to finish this 10 block quilt, but for today, this is all I have!

See you tomorrow with Day 5. Yes, I will be sharing a few more things made with this lovely half-hexagon shape!


  1. This really caught my attention. It is very pretty.

  2. Ooh, I really like this. It is regal looking.

  3. Well, well, WELL. This is a fun post, too, Debby! A hexagon in the middle of another hexagon. I really enjoy the secondary patterns that are formed with your Isadora blocks pictured in the last photo. COOL! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Checked out your post for today and May 6th. I tried to go to the links you provided but couldn't connect. Thought you'd like to know. Love your process post!


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