Log Cabin Week, Day Two

Tuesday. Are you with me? Do you love Log Cabin quilts as much as I do? As much as most quilters do? I probably have made at least 2 dozen log cabin quilts in my 30 years of quilting and I'm sure I'm not done yet! They even make fabric panels printed as Log Cabins (more on those later).

Log Cabin panel by Benartex from several years ago
I love scrappy quilts. Here are two little quilts I made from some leftover/orphan blocks that my friend (and former editor) Jean Ann Wright gave me. (Jean Ann has a fabulous online store filled with Log Cabin inspirations, patterns and helpful rulers: Jean Ann Quilts.)

Traditional Log Cabin blocks in Star centers
These are also scrappy, but the arrangement is Courthouse Steps.

Courthouse Steps Log Cabin blocks on their way to becoming birdhouses!
I added some Flying Geese and poles to make these very scrappy Birdhouses!

Four very scrappy Birdhouses
So, we have birdhouses, but what about PEOPLE houses? This is called Warm Welcome Home and I also made this using Jean Ann's ruler. But, I've written the pattern with the option of making it WITHOUT the ruler.
Warm Welcome Home: 34" x 34"
Four of the blocks are regular Log Cabins. I cut two more blocks in half along the diagonal and pieced them back for that center block. Added roofs and a spunky border and this is a fun quilt with a warm, inviting feel to it.

I have 9 hard copy patterns left from teaching classes. You can find Warm Welcome Home in my Etsy store. BOTH methods for making this are included (with or without the 8" Log Cabin ruler.) $5.00 and FREE shipping.

One more with the log cabin house theme, only these log cabins are panels! This is from a 2013 Benartex collection called Dwellings. I took 5 panels and put a roofs on them. Same design as the Warm Welcome Home quilt. Don't you love it?

Mi Casa es Su Casa (My House is Your House)
And some potholders using the same motifs. When Modern Patchwork wanted to pick them up for publication, I had to convert them to paper piecing! They knew their readers would have trouble finding the exact fabric, so that's what I did!

Pot Holders using the log cabin motifs
And the ones I made by paper piecing. Very similar, huh?

One of four paper pieced blocks
My 9 page pdf pattern has full size foundations for these four blocks:

Second of four paper pieced blocks
 Number 3 block:
Third of four paper pieced blocks
 One more:
Fourth of four paper pieced blocks
Day Two, done. See you tomorrow for more Log Cabin quilts to inspire!


  1. Hi Debby! I love the idea of the log cabin center on the star blocks. That and the bird house blocks are just fabulous. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love the bird house blocks. Besides a home, the Warm Welcome Home quilt looks like Egyptian pyramids to me. It all depends on how I look at it.:-)

  3. Great scrappiness all around. One of my favorite things about this block is how many ways you can use scraps in it. It was made with scraps in mind. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.


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