Celebrating the Weekend with My Regal Eagle (and FREE pattern)

Patriot's Day (aka Regal Eagle)
This appears as the July quilt in my 2014 wall calendar of quilts. Appropriate for our Independence Day celebrations today on the 4th of July. Liberty and freedom from government oppression. We still want it, have it (most of the time) and sometimes still fight for it when the rules get a little suffocating.

I designed this for Windham Fabrics in 2008 and a certain magazine picked it up to publish it. Then the magazine went bankrupt and I never got paid (that's how it works when you're the little guy, even though without quilts there would have been no magazine in the first place).

My nephew saw it in the calendar and loved it. I mailed it to him and it's his.

Windham has put a FREE DOWNLOAD OF REGAL EAGLE on their web site. This was a pattern that was included in partnership with the National Coverlet Museum and their reproduction coverlet fabrics. It is the same as Patriot's Day. It is a 9 page pdf and yours to enjoy, even if you don't have any coverlets!

Have a great day and weekend, whether you celebrate this American holiday or not.


  1. Happy Independence Day !! Thank you for the download.
    Be safe

  2. Thank your for the download. Happy Independence Day. Also, I received the package of Winding Ways fabrics you sent. They are more beautiful in person. Thanks so much.

  3. Very nice design. Thank you, Debby.


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