Hanukkah in July, Day 3

I teased you the other day with the center of my Star of David table topper. I made this last year using the Pearl Essentials Collection by Benartex. I showed a few process steps last year but never got around to finishing it.

Here she is:

Star of David Double Star Table Topper: 24" x 28"
The center diamonds are cut using that 60 degree line on your acrylic ruler that you really weren't sure what to do with! Huh? Look here:

Cutting diamonds at a 60 degree angle
And then those two sizes of triangles (small light blue and large medium blue). ANY multi-sized 60 degree ruler with a blunted tip will do the trick. And no fabric waste, either!
Cutting triangles using a 60 degree ruler
This is my first assembly on my design board.

The start of my design process
Then after I realized this would need to use set-in seams, I pulled everything down and put on my thinking cap!

Almost done!
Here is a closeup of my quilting:

Center of the Star of David, from the back
 And on the front:

Center of the Star of David, from the front
You're certainly not limited to make this in traditional blues and silver. I made this in some purples turquoise prints. The only difference with this is that I twisted the outside diamond and triangle units. Can you see what I did? And, yes, this is very similar to that Magic Triangles quilt from last week!

One more Double Star block
I looked in my workshop box where this sample lives and found I have a LOT of units stitched and they are begging me to finish. I have enough for at least a lap sized quilt. I just may do that.

You have plenty of time to make one of these Star of David toppers before Hanukkah. What are you waiting for?


  1. Love these! I wish I had the time to make some but I have way too much going on and need to finish the 6 that need quilting.

  2. Love that blue fabric and the table topper.


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