Windham Wednesdays with Spellbound, Part 2

In the spirit of moving quilt blocks ever closer to finish, I recently made 3 more Pentagon Wreath blocks using the Spellbound Collection by Windham Fabrics. I first shared these in April in my House Arrest Quilts. I used the beautiful set of 6 octagon panels as the centers of my wreaths.

One of six panels with my 2" pentagon papers
I ignored the fact that the motifs were octagons. I wanted to use Pentagons and that's exactly what I did. Here is one of my wreaths auditioning one of the motifs.

Auditioning a flower motif
Go check out the entire post (with a lot of photos) to see how I did this.

I made a total of 6 blocks and then challenged myself to set them in a unique assembly. I didn't want them in a ho-hum 2 x 3 arrangement. So, I squeezed the life out of some of the other fabrics (just so you know: this was a set of fat quarters. You know - 18" x 21" pieces of fabric.) There are 17 skus.

Spellbound Pentagons: 39" x 33"
I still have enough fabric to use for borders. It will be pieced, of course. This fabric has just shipped to stores in June, so I hope there is some in your town.

If you go to the Windham site for Spellbound, take a peek at the Look Book. It is filled with some awesome quilts!


  1. Adding the hexagons on that panel totally changes the look of it. I like the plain panel, but I also like the added hexagons. That border strip of roses has lots of potential too.


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