Another Orphan Block Placed in Loving Home

Yes, another block that was languishing in my closet for about 3 decades. She was cared for but never had a chance to get her adoption papers in order. The Fantasy Family of Windham decided they would add a sister to their family and so began the process.

My Fantasy Flower was acquired when I was an editor with Quilt Magazine. She was "given up" by her birth mother so that she could become a magazine star. Sometimes these dreams take a little while to take shape! Here she is. I already surrounded her with the lovely, caring arms of one of the Fantasy Family. Can you believe how perfect these colors are!!

Fantasy Flower block
The rest of the family wanted to get in on the adoption photos. They pushed onto my cutting board and lined up and then said: "Take the picture now!" What else could I do?

Fantasy Flower block with her siblings
In case you don't remember the last time Fantasy adopted one of my orphan blocks, here's the entire collection. It was released last October, but I'm sure you can still find it in quilt shops and online.

The Fantasy Family with 28 family members!
Do you remember the last adoption we made? Let me remind you (and follow the link to see the process). This basket block also had to wait about 30 years!

First adoption by Fantasy

Second adoption by Fantasy family. Same 2" strips surrounding the center block. She's finished and finally in her new home!

Fantasy Flower Quilt
Yes, I have some of these fabrics left, but don't think I have another orphan like these. Unique, for sure!


  1. You ALWAYS come up with great ideas! Love these and the “orphans” as well.
    Stay well,


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