Blue and Gray Sampler: Block Three

This is Block Three of the six blocks in the Blue and Gray Sampler. The Right Hand of Friendship is a vintage block that isn't very hard to construct. Let's see it in my original quilt:

Right Hand of Friendship Block (12" finished)

Here are the three colors I chose to remake this in the Uncorked Collection from Windham Fabrics. These fabrics are so beautiful with the little flecks of gold throughout.

Uncorked Fabrics

And a few of my steps:

The various patches cut (the free pdf has the sizes for you)

Lay out the corner patches as shown. We need two corners using the blue and two using the red.

Then we pin the quarter square triangles to make the corner units:

Join these with the small corner squares and then with the larger triangles. Make 2 in blue and two in red.

One of 4 units

And here are the four block units before sewing into the Right Hand of Friendship block:

Four 6-1/2" units

All sewn and pressed!

Right Hand of Friendship Block

You can find the Right Hand of Friendship Block here. Enjoy!


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