Halloween Quilts: Day 1

I've made quite a few Halloween quilts over the years. Fun fabrics combine with easy blocks to make great holiday creations. Though, to be honest, it was my LEAST favorite "holiday." When my 3 daughters were growing up, the schools always had dress-up days for Halloween and they went on parades throughout the school. I didn't want my kids to be ostracized, so I played along. Only one rule: they couldn't be anything "wicked" or "evil." And I was NOT going to invest more than one hour's worth of sewing time! And, yes, I did take them out trick or treating in our neighborhood (and left my husband home to hand out all that "yummy" candy to the other kids).

Here is Harvest Pumpkins. It was first published in Quilt Magazine in 2004. It appears in my 2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts (which is now a 92 page pdf I sell on Etsy). There are a total of 13 quilt patterns in there!

But, you may be interested only in this quilt (and not the other 12). The pattern is a 5 page pdf in color and easy to print. No funky templates or paper piecing.

Harvest Pumpkins: 8" blocks; 25" x 34"

My oldest daughter (Audrey) grabbed it several years ago to use on her table. It looks pretty happy to share the space with some gourds and a little pumpkin!

Harvest display at Audrey's

Here is how it appeared in Quilt Magazine almost 20 years ago:

And one more REALLY old quilt: Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkins are a variation on a snowball block. I made this in 2004.

Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch

Tomorrow I'll have another quilt or two with a Halloween theme. You still have time to make a simple block or two for a festive Halloween table runner or mug rug.


  1. I love your Halloween quilts!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Charlene. Stick around for 4 more days of these perky orange and black holiday quilts. Can you say, "Boo"?!!

  2. It isn't my favorite, either, but somehow I gravitate toward the patterns!

  3. I do like this quilt! Great color!


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