Blue and Gray Sampler: Block Four

This is the 4th block in our 6 block sampler. Lincoln's Platform is a simple block to cut and stitch. Let's look at the one in my original sampler quilt, which first appeared in the Keepsake Quilting Catalog in 2016.

Lincoln's Platform block: 12" x 12"

Three colors: red center surrounded by green with an ivory background. Here are the 3 colors I chose for my sample blocks for this Sampler. These are some of my absolute favorite blenders!

Uncorked Fabrics by Windham.

How did I cut them? More details are in the one page pdf pattern. The 4-7/8" squares will become the pieced triangle squares.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention. That's why I always tell my students to audition the block parts on the table in front of them! Many a set of patches has been hastily picked up and stitched, only to discover they weren't arranged the right way.

Uh, oh! Better switch those patches around!

Here is the Blue and Gray Sampler as I stitched it the first time:

Blue and Gray Sampler: 72" x 72"

Here are the links for the first 3 blocks:

You can get the FREE pattern for Lincoln's Platform here. Please don't share with others (or duplicate and hand out to your guild!) Just send the link and your friends can get it from me here.

The last two blocks (Order No. 11 and Rosebud) are coming!


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