Michael Miller Mondays

I love the timeless beauty of gingham (otherwise known as "Buffalo Plaid"). Michael Miller has the collection Gingham Play in beautiful colors that you've seen here before. Allow me to remind you of them!

Gingham Play fabrics

I combined them with another fabulous blender which Michael Miller has had for several years: Fairy Frost.

Gingham Play and Fairy Frost

I made about a dozen Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks using the Gingham (and some Cotton Coutoure) and then some hearts out of the Fairy Frost. I used 2" paper hexagons.

Of course, I had to rethink the colors of the threads I used because a standard white (which I use without thinking) was peeking through to the front. I have all sorts of bits and pieces of spools of thread that were perfect for these fabric colors.

Hexagons and matching threads

I've been playing with these off and on for over a year. Here is what I was able to pull together yesterday and photograph. Yes, I do have a turquoise Garden block (but she's timid and hiding in the closet!) As you can see at the bottom right of the photo, I have the beginnings of the hearts ready to stitch: I use a shape called a "jewel" and two jewels make a heart.

GFG blocks and hearts

I've already made one of the blocks I have in mind. I shared this last summer. This is a LARGE 15-1/2" block!

I Love Grandma's Garden block; 15-1/2" x 15-1/2" (unfinished)

I have two more of these pinned and ready for machine appliqué. Maybe I'll stitch them (and another one or two) before my next Michael Miller Monday!

Take a visit to the Michael Miller web site to see all of the latest fabrics, along with these two collections I shared today.


  1. Love the colors and the pattern is just so cute and cheerful!

    1. Thanks! I have made dozens and dozens of these hearts and love to scatter them over various backgrounds.

  2. Hexies are so cute and I love seeing different ways to use them. Were these hand stitched together then machine appliqued?

    1. Yes, Ellen. I used invisible monofilament thread in the top and bobbin thread underneath. I am NO fan of hand appliqué. The only hand sewing I do is to create English Paper Piecing blocks. Then I put them onto background squares, etc.

  3. I do like the final block, and that it's a little larger, too.


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