Halloween Quilts: Day 4

This is one of my very oldest Halloween quilts that I still own. I distinctly remember buying this kitty fabric at Walmart for $1.00 a yard! I had just learned a new technique from a guild friend which I called Magic Stax. This was before Bethany Reynolds published her similar technique called Stack 'n Whack. I made this in 2002 and it was published in Quilt Magazine.

Halloween Pinwheel Quilt

Here is a photo of the fabric. Note that sweet kitty (who's about to be chopped into little triangles).

Then when you cut seven more squares the EXACT size, cut them and then swap the piles, you get a kaleidoscope result! This is SO much simpler than cutting all those individual triangles.
One stack of 8 triangles become one kaleidoscope block

And then a second group of 8 triangles:

I have made several quilts using this technique. Do a search for Pinwheel blocks and you will find them here.

Here are two other quilts with black cats featured. This was made about 20 years ago and these blocks are paper pieced. I gave this away long ago. But those pumpkins keep calling to me to be made again.

Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch

Then I made this one. But it's not a quilt but a simple pillowcase. Yes, those creepy spiders had to get into this photo.

And one more quilt with cats. This is a simple Mariner's Compass that I was able to fussy cut one kitty in the center of. I bring this out every Halloween. I like the addition of that bright green and purple, too.

So, that's what you can do with cats for Halloween! But, you can leave out those spiders!


  1. Love the stacked blocks. How did you attach to blue background?

    1. The triangles are joined with blue background triangles and rectangles. I show details of this quilt here: https://debbykratovilquilts.blogspot.com/2012/10/spinning-pinwheels.html

  2. I remember when you first made the Spinning Pinwheels with the cat fabric. The first block always reminds me of a big black spider. I have to look closely to see that it is made up of the cats. :-) And, I am glad the spiders on the pillow case aren't real! However, the cat looks as if they are. :-)

    1. Yes, Susan. That quilt goes WAY back 20+ years. And isn’t it funny to see that each block is SO different due to how the stack of triangles spins. One of my favorite techniques (learned from an Atlanta guild members).

  3. Such beautiful quilts. What fun to go through your quilt closet with you!

    1. You got that wrong; it's CLOSETS (plural)! And, yes, it's always fun to pull these themed quilts out and see them all at once.


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