Halloween Quilts: Day 3

So many cute prints - and since I've been sewing for a few fabric companies for the past 25 years, I've had my share of these fabrics. These are from 2014, the Spooktacular Collection by Benartex.

Spooktacular Collection

I made some little bloomers for my granddaughter. And can you believe those ribbons of ghosts and pumpkins? I wish I still had some. I think I gave them to my grandsons.

Then I wanted to capture some of those "harmless" looking spiders and feature them in - what else - a quilt! I cut out squares and then sewed corner triangles on them. You may remember this picture from 2014.

Here's one of those snowballed blocks: a bottle of Hell Fire - can you believe it?

And the finished quilt was perfect when I captured those border rows of bottles of witches' concoctions. I sent this to one of my little grandsons in Pennsylvania.

Spooktacular Quilt

And my grandsons were still little in 2014 (elementary age now), so I made them some pajama pants. Aren't these cute?
Friendly spider pj pants

Then I was playing with more of those bottle motifs and some English Paper Piecing (2" papers). I stitched them to the front of a cardstock card and mailed them to my grandkids. Of course, this was scandalous because when Facebook saw this (Rat's Fang!!), it was banished as offensive for 24 hours. No kidding!!!

So, I kept going with those cards and more English Paper Piecing - who cares what Facebook says!